Hydraulic doors are a great solution for aircraft hangars, agricultural door, large scale manufacturing facilities and more.

Hydraulic doors open outward and swing up, creating a large canopy. This allows for maximum headroom and good clearance. These one-piece doors are custom designed and available in a variety of sizes and styles.

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Hydraulic doors provide more efficient operation that traditional overhead doors, including faster door speed, quieter operation, and less maintenance. Hydraulic doors also include sound and weather proofing options, as well as a number of safety and back-up features.

We provide custom hydraulic door installations, door repair and preventative maintenance for aerospace, commercial and industrial businesses in the Wichita area and the Midwest.

Hydraulic door applications:

  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Commercial and Military Aviation
  • Heavy Equipment Storage Doors
  • Tractor Garages
  • Commercial Manufacturing Facilities